Webshop B2B Extensions
Our top sold extensions
  • Credit Limit

    Credit Limit

    The credit limit extension adds the payment method pay on account to your store. On a customer level a credit limit can be set. When a customer has more open orders then the limit he can't order any new products.
  • Group Payment

    Group Payment

    A new payment method which let customers buy a product and pay with more people. For example gifts can be bought and payment will be made by more people.
  • Matrix Ordering

    Matrix Ordering

    Are you selling clothing to wholesale customers? Check out our Matrix Ordering extension.
  • Hide Price

    Hide Price

    Not all customers can see product prices on your webshop? Check out our Hide Price extension and choose weather customer can see product prices, add to cart button and checkout.
  • B2B Forced Login

    B2B Forced Login

    This extension will force users to first login before seeing any products or pages or to first register before logging in.
  • Price Precision

    Price Precision

    This extension allows you to choose precision of prices up to 4 decimals for the backend, frontend and cart calculations.
  • Support


    Our support service offers free updates and extension support.